Ten (10) ways you can be Productive Working from Home during and after the Covid-19 Pandemic

Many an organisation has moved from office-based instructional work to home less-instructional work due to the Covid-19 outbreak while most countries have shut down their economies and that had forced everyone to lockdown their office spaces with restricted movements which had kept many at home for months to curtail the spread of the virus. But more countries have lifted their bans on movement and the economy while some adopted a gradual relaxation of the policies put in place to slow down the spread of the virus. Doing so, some countries have experienced second and third waves of the virus which have claimed lives in hundreds and thousands.

 The work from home parlance is not something new but now it is more pronounced in every line of suggestion recently because the virus has offered us fewer choices ̶ if not any on how to stop the spread or necessarily eradicate it. As we continue with the fight against the virus with our seemingly crude or blunt approach of washing of hands and covering of the nose with the nose mask. It is important to remember that working from home requires a lot of discipline to meet up with project deadlines and committing oneself to new ones.

 Never mind how the hands of time are ticking out the numbers on your wrist or wall clock. Here are tips to making you less stressed and more productive as you plan your day working from home during these trying times.

 Wake up Early 

An American proverb says “The early bird gets the worm.” You should be that person that gets up, arrive, or act before the usual and the expected time. Once you are awake   ̶   carry out your routines like saying your prayers, tidying up the room, laying of bedsheet or change it and the likes. You can try a glass of water to refresh you. You can now freshen up.

 Take Breakfast

 Breakfast is the most important food of the day. You should always try to eat breakfast. Eating breakfast prepares you for the task ahead and the day yet to unfold. Avoid heavy food, just take something light so that you will not end up sleeping when you should be working. Working from home can be lonely without the whispers and side talks of your colleagues.

 Set up your PC or Work equipment 

 After the conscious effort of picking a designated workspace. It will be nice to have natural light around your workspace. It will help you value the space and also encourage you to step out and look out the sky, feel the warmth of the sunlight as you interact with nature for refreshment. Clean up your PC or work equipment put. Get a comfortable chair to sit on and a standard well-furnished table. You can now look around to prepare your mind before you start the day work.

Review previous day work

 Track your achievement of the previous day by ticking them out on your note pad. Evaluate your successes and shortcomings as your checkout if there was no error in your previous day work. Reach out to those you promised feedback once you have answers to their questions or keep them posted that you are still working on it because this is the best time for you do that.

Prepare your daily schedule on a note pad or sticky note

Here is where you make the greatest decision for the day   ̶   what to do and how you go about doing it. Writing down what, when, why, how you intend going about the duty for the day. Keep tabs on those important calls to be made, urgent meeting to attend online, existing project deadlines, what it takes to take on a new project and the resources needed to maximise the chances of executing it, approvals yet to be sorted out and so on. All these are expected to be dealt with before you kick start your day while you work from home.

Pre-order your lunch

Food is essential for the body and the mind. Once you have mapped out how your day may seem to be and you noticed you have less or no time to make your lunch. It will be necessary for you to order your lunch for any fast food outlet before your scheduled time for lunch to keep you focused and productive for the day.

Take a break and relax 

Never skip your break time or relaxation. Take conscious effort to stay focused during scheduled work periods so that you won’t be forced to use your break period as a cover-up. It will be wise to put up your notifications. It will help to keep you informed and alert of any request that needs your attention while you are away for a break. Once you get back to your desk you can pick those notifications and analyse them for adequate responses.

Be time conscious 

‘Time and tide wait for no man.’ Strive to understand the importance of time and stay focused. Be accountable for any time spent on what it was not meant for. Keep your phones away and stay off any recognised source of distractions such as Social Media.

Check your mails at intervals for feedbacks 

Alertness makes you increasingly vigilant and keeps you active with your observations. Several factors that can stimulate your sense of observation and decision making that is naturally permissible to your natural state of mind. Other ways could by turning on notifications. It will keep you abreast about various happenings that involve you while you work from home.


Close for the day at a specific time unless otherwise

‘Everything that has a beginning must end.’ As you plan to start your day also have a specific time you call it off. It will help you catch enough rest and also help with your productivity for the next day. Eat healthily and prioritise your mental health by doing things that make you happy in absences of a loving and caring colleagues while you are away from your work station. Love yourself more during this trying period.


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