Early Sign of Cataract

Cataract is an eye disease. A cataract is known to be – clouding in the lens of the eye. It develops slowly on the lens of the eyes and covers it. Apart from the vision impairment, it makes the eyes less desirable. Cataract on the lenses of the eyes causes blurry visions. These could affect your day-to-day activities. The eyes are essential for the functionality of the brain. It is because the signal passes from the lens through the optic nerve to the brain. 

It stays in the lens of the eye, and it develops slowly. It can impair eye vision. Somehow, cataract can affect both eyes but is usually not at the same time. 

A population of about 20 million people are blind due to cataracts. About 60 per cent of blindness in parts of Africa and South America is caused; by cataracts. While in the United state, 5% goes blind because of Cataracts. A cataract is not strictly a disease of old age. Blindness caused by cataract occurs in about 10 to 40 per cent of 100,000 children in the developing world. 

It affects just a population of about 1 to 4 per cent in the developed world. But a cataract is common with old age. It is more pronounced in people with a Black and Hispanic identity. 

Causes of Cataract 

Protein Aggregation 

Cataracts form in the lens of the eye when protein builds up in the lens the eye. The protein spreads to become a cloudy cover on the lens. It impairs the lens from sending clear images to the retina. The retina has to convert the light that comes from the lens into signals. It can cause a total or partial loss of sight. 


It is caused; by health-related issues such as diabetics. It can increase your risk of cataracts. It can also be by other eye conditions, and eye surgery. 

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Steroid Medication 

Usage of steroid medication for a long time can sufficiently cause cataracts.

Genetic Disorder 

Genetic disorders can cause cataracts. Cataract remains the cause of treatable eye disease around the world. Congenital cataracts can be hereditary. 

Old Age 

Most cataracts are caused by changes in the eye as you get older. It is a result of ageing, and it is mostly in older people. 

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy causes radiation cataracts. It causes cloudiness in the crystalline lens; this is a result of the damaged cells covering the posterior surface of the lens. It is known as a radiation-induced cataract. 


It is noticed, that smoking contributes to cataracts by altering the cells of the lens through oxidation. The risk of cataracts is high for smokers. It can lead to vision loss, dry eyes, and glaucoma. 

Early Sign of Cataract 

The early sign of cataracts can include some of the symptoms mentioned below. It is important to note that; cataract is part of the ageing process of the eye. 

  • Sensitivity to light 
  • Blurry, dim or clouded vision
  • Double vision in a single sight
  • Difficulty to see at night
  • Fading of colours  
  • Needs brighter light to read

How to Prevent Cataract 

One can consciously reduce the risk of developing cataracts by: 

  • Regular eye examination 
  • Quit Smoking
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Discovering and treating other health conditions on time
  • Wear sunglasses
  • Eat a balanced diet; more fruits and vegetables. 

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